Useful links for COVID-19 information

It’s a confusing time and we understand people have many questions across a range of areas, including family law and parenting, employment, tenancy and consumer queries. The community legal sector and related social services organisations have created plenty of resources – links below – to answer the questions you have trying to get through this time as best possible.

You can still call us on 1800 918 377 or contact us through the website . If we are unable to assist you, we can refer you on to other appropriate services.

If you’re wondering how you can do the right thing to help stop the coronavirus spread, just visit the websites below.

Social distancing – NSW

Social distancing – Victoria

Family law & parenting

Family Court of Australia website has the latest information to answer many of your questions about Parenting Orders and contact arrangements. You can find more links below, including Victoria Legal Aid and Legal Aid NSW.

Family Court of Australia – useful Q&A for parents

Federal Circuit Court

FCC key changes:
• E-file all documents (hard copies not to be posted to or filed in the registry)
• Email them if the documents cannot be e-filed (e.g. exceed restriction of 100 pp)
• All subpoena viewing is by appointment only
• Appointments can only be made in urgent cases or where a hearing is scheduled within 4 weeks of the appointment.

NSW Local Court

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria

Victoria Legal Aid

Victoria Legal Aid – info for parents

Victoria Legal Aid – work discrimination and COVID-19

Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW – COVID-19 resources – DV and parenting

Women’s Legal Service Victoria

Women’s Legal Service NSW

Safe Steps

Domestic Violence NSW

Australian Women Against Violence Alliance


Mediation options

Consumer, employment, tenancy  and social services

Consumer Action Law Centre

Jobwatch – coronavirus Q&A

Tenants Victoria

Tenants’ Union of NSW

Beyond Housing


Victorian Council of Social Services

NSW Council of Social Services

NCOSS weekly Q&A – clear answers and new issues

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria