The Overcoming the Invisible Hurdles (IH) for Justice for Young People Project was funded by the Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner in 2015 for a two-year project. The aim was to create better legal outcomes for young people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, family violence in North East Victoria.

A Youth/Family Violence Lawyer worked in a health-justice partnership model with three local service providers; the Wodonga Flexible Learning Centre, North East Support and Action for Youth Inc. (NESAY) and the Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service (AWAHS). The IH Lawyer spent one day per week at each service, providing legal information, education, advice and assistance to clients, and providing legal information, secondary consults and professional development training to workers.

The project has been evaluated by Hon. Associate Professor Dr Liz Curran and Hon. Lecturer Pamela Taylor-Barnett from the Australian National University.

Stage I & Stage II Reports

Overcoming the Invisible Hurdles to Justice for Young People – Invisible Hurdles Final Report 2018

Invisible Hurdles Final Report 2018 – Executive Summary

Pathways to empowerment and justice – The Invisible Hurdles Stage II Research and Evaluation Final Report June 2021